Labyrinth Started!

Well, I've started (actually, I've started 3 times... I'm continuing this one!) I've learned a number of things so far:
1) Apparently chart reading is difficult and I think I should have started with a purl row instead of a knit row, the whole thing is "backwards" (i.e. the labyrinth looks like I imagine it would be if I were looking UP from underneath it instead of DOWN from on top of it)... oh well. I'm not starting over again.

2) Color switching on purl rows is hard (I'll get over it)

3) Working with local wool is kind-a cool. I bought the wool at Marr Haven (which is only about 10 miles away from where I live and I didn't know it existed until about a week and a half ago)

4) I'm having a blast with it. The pattern is going to need a little tweaking when I'm done, but I may submit this one for publication?!

For the record, thanks for those of you who helped me with yarn estimation, we'll see how close I got! Also, I've put a 5 row border of moss (seed) stitch around it to help keep it from curling... I hope it works!

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It looks great, I can't wait to see the finished product! Don't feel bad, I usually restart 3 times on almost every project...

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And this will be a ? ? ?
It looks pretty good to me from what I see of it - what's the other side look like?

Stranded colourwork or Interstarsia? oops - standed, right? (I just re-read your comments)

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I'm using a fair isle technique that I learned a few years ago for the knit rows and a purl-version-of-the-same-thing-that-I-made-up-but-don't-know-if it's-"right for the purl rows :-)

The back looks like this:

I'm pretty happy with it.

Grace and Peace,

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As long as it looks the way you want it to on the public side, then it's right.

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...actually, that looks great on both sides. Looks like you've stranded quite well, both knit and purl sides.

'can't wait to see it come out all the way


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Very cool! I'd definately love to see the pattern. I love labyrinth designs, and if I could knit one. . .

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Oh how cool! looking forward to seeing it finished. And you have to restart a project only 12 more times to beat my record!

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As far as charts go, I convert each row of a charted pattern to a numerical eqivalent on index cards, one card per row so that a row on the chart will look like this on the card: 1 2 2 3 2 2. I use a different color ink for each color so the numbers are easy to follow. It's time consuming, but you only have to do it once and it saves your sanity in that you are only looking at one row of numbers instead of a whole confusing chart.

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Wow! That's looking really good. I'd love to see the pattern when you're done with it and if you publish it. I recently learned the fair isle technique (stranding) and I was having a really hard time with the purl side. My temporary solution to that is... knitting in the round! Send us a pic when it's done!


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UPDATE: I'm officially half finished with the labyrinth. If you're interested in checking it out, I've put a picture up on my blog at:
(Link should open in a new window)

Grace and Peace,

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Looks Great!!!!
Job well done!!!. Have never tried the fair isle. A little bit scary for me to try. Just learned how to use waist yarn to make a finger hole and had my knitting guru sitting right next to me, so she could fix it if I messed it up. Can't wait to see the finished project!!
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