Storing Circulars

My circular needles are getting out of hand. I have the Boye's interchangables, (awesome things) but I still have Addis and Susan Bates, and keeping them bound together with a twist tie in a box with other knitting paraphernalia is neither charming nor neat. How does everyone store their circulars?


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Hi Danny -

I use nothing but Addi Turbo circulars and have over 50 of them in different sizes and lengths so I know the problem.  I bought the fabric needle holders from Tropicalknitter on ebay.  They are sort of a Laura Ashley knock-off.  Each has 12 pockets for the needles and they fold up nicely.  I bought some string price tags and label all my needles that way.  I have the holders sorted by lengths of the needles and not the size.   I'm very pleased with this solution.  But, I just found this site: and the seller has fantastic needle holders with clear plastic pockets along with a smaller pocket for a card with identifiying information such as needle size, etc.

Happy Holidays!


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the BEST circular needle organizer (in my opinion, hehe) is called "The Circular Solution" and you can hang it from the back of a door or in the closet or on the wall.....really anywhere you want. you just thread the circulars through each slot designated for each needle size (in both US and metric). it's GREAT! i love it!