Weekly topic #3

OK be honest, how busy were you for the Holidays?
How many gifts did you knit & what were they?

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I was very busy, so I only got the one pair of socks made. I had hoped to do more, but no cigar.

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I knitted Lovikkamittens for my father and was planning to knit a scarf for my mother...but I didn't have the time so I gave her yarn and a promise to knit her a red scarf. Maybe it's not a good idea but I think you should give good ideas as christmasgifts.

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This was a quiet xmas with lots of knitting but not as gifts.  I gave up on giving my knitting as presents for my parents as they are ashamed that their son knits (and well, I might add!).  My mother tells people that one of her children knitted it and hopes that they assume she is referring to a daughter.  My son is at the age of wanting store-bought items.  I don't knit for anyone else except my spouse.  Since it's summer now here in the southern hemisphere, I'm working on jerseys for myself and my spouse for our pesonal winter wear.  My spouse and our son are in the US for the months of December and January and I'm here alone.  I spent time on xmas eve, xmas day and Boxing Day (today) with friends and brought my knitting along with me.  I've made great progress and I'll share my current work with everyone as soon as I figure out how to reduce the size of my photos so they are not over the allowed size for this site.  (BTW: if anyone can advise me on how to do that, I'd appreciate a private email about it!)

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I made several hats and they are at their new homes.  I give my sisters things throughout the year depending on when I see them.  Mostly though, I knit for myself.

Although, I am getting ready to knit a baby blanket using Inca Cotton for friends baby.  I follow my mother's rule and do not start until the baby has arrived.  Since that has happened I can now start it.  And I always take knitting with me when I visit relatives.  Makes the day go much easier.