V-neck Broken Rib Stitch Vest

Here is the jersey I just finished knitting on 01 December 2005.  It's done in a broken rib stitch in 5-ply wool (I don't think I'd do another project in that size again).  The color is a funky retro salmon pink/orange.  I must say it's very comfy to wear.

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Jesse, that looks terrific. Did you think up the pattern also? I love those sleeveless sweaters but my figure is too full at the moment to wear them!

Congrats on figuring out the pixel thingy too.

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Very nice vest a very nice colour. And modern, orange is the colour of the season here in Sxeden this spring (when it comes).

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Hi Ulf,  Thanks for the compliment.  It's nice to know I'll be in style by wearing orange.  The problem is finding a complimentary colour to go with it!  I tried brown which was OK; I imagine a plain white shirt will be the best.  How is winter in Sweden?


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This is wonderful.  Nice color, wonderful pattern

When you said you were knitting a vest, this is quite the vest.   What about the 5 ply makes you not want to do that again?  The visible result would make me tempted to take on your pattern exactly (I mean is anyone in Boise Idaho going to say "You know, I saw one just like this is orange when I was in New Zealand last week...)  If I were to wear it, I would try a slim fit eggshell pant and an oatmeal pullover, allowing the sweater to pop without announcing itself as the showoff item it truely is.  Wonderful Job Jesse!

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Jesse, the vest is great looking.  What a wonderful neckline.  You got the v neckline down perfectly.  Those can be the bane for me.  Do you have a special trick for it?  I would probably make it in blue or one of the grays for myself, making sure I did not knit it too long.  You got it down just right.