Blast from the past

Anyone remember the stocking caps from the 1970's that were so long you could wrap them around your neck as a scarf while wearing them as hats? I'm toying with the idea of making one to wear while walking my dog. That would be a fun style to bring back.


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I am making one at the moment - it will be a true "stocking" cap as the "tip" will be a toe-up sock - extended, then with calf shaping before increasing evenly enough to make it fit the head. I
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Crazy, man. But the ones I remember were just stocking cap shaped but they hung down to your ankles, were typically striped in bright colors and finished with a pompon or tassel. We all had one in the Boston area back then. Yeah, I'm gonna make myself one. Must be a mid-life crisis thing.

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That would be great! I'd love to try one. Someone commented on one of my earlier posts and pointed me to this:

Happy Holidays! Happy Knitting!!



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Yes Frank,
That's a shorter but much classier version of the hats I remember from the 70's. I like it, especially the headband part. Let's drape ourselves in these things and let the kids see what they've missed.

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I could really see this catching on. That link Frank posted looks fantastic, I can't wait until they post the pattern. You're going to be a trendsetter, I know it.


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I remember them. Isn't there a Dr. Suess character who has a hat like that, or am I making that up? The hat in the link is really nice, it was designed by Danny Ouellette, from Toronto, who has several interesting caps online. Also, I sort of forget who, but one of us posted this Scandanavian knit hat, long, intricately patterned, something like Dubbel hat, or double hat or something. That was fun as well, although not as long.


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I believe the post you are refering to is by Celowin and is located here

I love this style of hat, would be awesome in the old stocking type that goes to your ankles with this type of design on it.

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