All wrapped up (re: Squirrel)

Thanx to scubasinger who gave me the idea of using my anguished posts about the squirrel as wrapping paper FOR the squirrel. This was only possible due to the fact that I inadvertently revealed to him that he was getting it (as detailed in a previous post). I underlined and circled those statements which best summarized the torture this project put me through. Then, I cut up the picture of the squirrel that he happened across on my Flickr account that revealed he was getting it. Heh. It looks silly but is very funny. I told him he has to read all marked passages before being allowed to open it. He's already read a few and was laughing the whole time. It has become a running gag about the Flickr business. For example, him to me: "Well, I figured I'd save some money on wrapping paper and just post pictures of all your gifts on my Flickr account. Then you can just click through the album to see what you got."

LOL This story will be sticking around, for sure.

Thanks to everyone who gave me advice, words of encouragement, or much-needed clarification on "gibberish-like" instructions. :-)


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That is a fantastic idea, and it looks great, have a great christmas,

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that were a great ideal

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Wonderful! I love it. think of all the things you have gotten out of this! new knowledge in knitting, savings on shampoo from tearing your hair out, fabulous and one of a kind wrapping paper, and we shall not forget YSP!

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MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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yup - here's hoping that twenty-five or thirty years down the road you'll sit there on another Christmas day and say - Hey - remember that Damned squirrel?

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Glad you liked the gift-wrap suggestion.

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Well, you did an awesome job on it all.

You certainly deserve nothing less than a medal for what that little buggar put you through!

Regards to you and your boyfriend for the holidays!