Stitches West February 21-24

I hope to see some of you at Stitches. I will be there for all four days in the Lacy Knitters
Booth. Please come and say hello and sit and knit with two men who knit lace. We will also be doing some demo's on how to make the Russian join and how to start from the center on four needles. The other man is none other than Eugen Beugler the well known lace designer. Join us perchance to learn from two old men who have 152 years of knitting experience between us.
Santa Clara Conventional Center, Santa Clara, California

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Very tempting - I wish I could fly out just to meet the two of you - since I've been hearing about you since forever....

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...there are a bunch of us from this list who live in San Francisco and will be there...

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Great Bill, I look forward to meeting you, bring as many fellow knitters with you, and we will have an all male knit in. Our Location will be in the Market at The Lacy Knitters Guild's Booth.


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