Damn Pictures

I was given a new digital camera, so am experimenting with it. I am, as you know, a bit of a techno-cretin so don't know if this will work or not, but am trying to post some pics (or at least a pic) of some of my ongoing projects. It is a double learning curve for me -- to lean to use the camera and take decent pictures which show details, cables and all that sort of thing in a clear way, and then to upload them here. Not sure about either yet. lol. Anyway, if this message appears, with no pic, you will know I have failed and will try again. As for the quality of pic, any suggestions welcomed. I am posting here an infant sweater, the pattern is by a woman in either Vancouver or Victoria, I believe who called herself 'Bee's Knees Knits' for a a few years but then found out that it is already in use so now goes by her name, Holli Yeoh. The yarn is self stiping sock yarn and a couple of plain fingerweight yarns. The purple one is Trekking bamboo, if I remember correctly.