Liesel Scarf - Finished

I finished the Liesel scarf, today. Here's a couple of pictures of it being blocked.

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Wahoo! That's fantastic! It looks great!

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Looks fantastic! The blocking really opens up the pattern nicely.

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Very nice!

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Beautiful scarf.


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Love the pattern. You did a great job!

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Oh I love it, and the color reminds me of a lake I used to go to when I was little. Was crystal blue.

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It's beautiful! I can't wait until I make some progress with mine, hopefully now that the holiday season is over I'll yet again have some knitting time.


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Cool! The turquoise colorway and lacework pattern are remeniscent of a lazy day at the beach - blue skies and some gently rolling breakers. Great Job!

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I totally agree!

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Very nice. My sister (according to my spy in japan) will be returning from Toyko today with a request for a new scarf....maybe this pattern will be it?

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(raises hand)..."CALL ON ME! CALL ON ME!" I GOT A QUESTION!!!!"
The one end of the scarf is rounded or scalloped. On the needles, the other end is straight but when taken off the needles it should be reversed scalloped. How do you (or CAN you) make the 2 ends match? Does blocking take care of it, crochet something at the end or just leave it? Knit 2 matching pieces then graft them together at the back of the neck? I'm working on a pattern called "waterfall" and it has a definite zig-zag that will be the exact opposite of the other end and now that I'm halfway through, I'm wondering how to resolve the issue. What's your other end like? (Um, of the scarf, that is!) I could only see 1 end in the photo. It's gorgeous. I tried 7x to start Liesel and still haven't gotten it right. Also, when I followed the link to the instructions, she said she knit it in 4 hours. I know you worked a lot longer on it than that. How long did it take? I had hoped to finish one over the weekend for my honey's grandmother or sister but lost hope after ripping it out yet again.

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The other end came out straight. When I was blocking it, I tried to see if I could get it to mirror, but didn't want to force it so i left it straight. I can't imagine how anyone could do it in 4 hours unless maybe they are a knitting machine and on diet pills. I'd say that it is a good 40 to 48 hours of continuous work perhaps more. I knitted about an hour each morning before work and then about 3 continuous hours before going to bed after work plus knitting on the weekends.