HAPPY NEW YEAR! Knitting book PREVIEW 2008!

Hi Guys~~

I just want to say to everybody "HAPPY NEW YEAR" and hope had a lot of knitting this 2008!
And big luck and happiness each of you!

Also so much knitting books are coming out in this new year 2008...Over 30 books are will be published!
I made a blog post about the preview of new knitting books in 2008 ...SO COME OVER TO MY KNITING KNITTING BLOG HERE: http://charleslifeknitting.blogspot.com/




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Happy New Year to you also, hope you have a great one and use up some of that stash!



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No, no- double the stash! Happy New Year.

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Best wishes for the new year - may you knit your current stash *AND* double it's size!

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