How many projects do you have going at one time?

One is enough
19% (22 votes)
Two. Keeps me from getting bored.
23% (27 votes)
Three. Afraid of commitment.
20% (23 votes)
Four. Attention Deficit Knitter.
9% (10 votes)
Five or more. Multiple personalities with a project for each!
29% (34 votes)
Total votes: 116


Cosmo's picture

I swear I've got half done projects all over my house.

Most of them are quick projects I get done in a couple days then start a new project once a pair of needles is free (lucky for me, my collection only consists of about a dozen pairs). Only one big project that's taken a few months and still not close to being done is a Queen/King size blanket.

I do a lot of demonstrations for people so I start a lot of projects and just can't stop.

I am trying to keep to one....but monogamy may not be for me.....but i am tryin'

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I'm a party girl! the more the merrier!

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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I currently have 3 in the works. Two hand knits and one machine project.


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While I only have one project going at the moment, I have been known to have as many as three.


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I always have many partial projects going at once, and I work on the one that currently inspires me the most, or is needed first. Sometimes it does feel like schizophrenia, bur eventually most get done, except for U-class UFOs (Ugly class - things that are turning out hideous)

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I can only keep up with one knitting project at a time.

DutchJan's picture

Actually four by now but might be 5 the coming days!


rjcb3's picture

I have WAY more personalities than just five...

Who set the bar so low???


RickMartin's picture

What I enjoy most about knitting is completing something. So...I'm best when I only have one project going - then I rush to the finish!


Asplund's picture

Usually more than five - plus future projects I'm planning or dreaming about! (I normally like what I'm going to do next best.) Asplund

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My preference is one at a time unless I have a big tedious job going then I'll start something else that moves faster just to keep myself from getting frustrated.

I wish I were knitting now.

timber's picture

Usually two, but sometimes three. Right now, just one until the LYS gets my yarn in.

I try to have one major project plus a sock or hat for something portable.

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LOL I have more WIPs than I can count usually....currently the number stands at around 12 (3 different pairs of socks, a skirt for the gf, 2 hats, a soaker, pair of longies, a scarf, pair of stockings, plus a couple of other miscellaneous projects). I like to have some larger projects that take a while, plus a few smaller ones that I can just pick up and knit anywhere to work in between when the larger ones get a bit tedious, or if I am short on time. I also knit for a living (as well as being a corsetier, I really AM a Jack of all trades!) so I could have anywhere up to about 4 or 5 pieces of "work" knitting on the needles at any one time in addition to my personal projects.


In omos do fheile
Ollmhor na cruinne
Gabhaim buiochad
Roimh mo chuid.

In omos do fheile
Ollmhor na cruinne
Gabhaim buiochad
Roimh mo chuid.

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I do one project at a time... the poll was encouraging.... well the result was encourating.

I have trouble concentrating on knitting ... I know I shouldn't knit while watching tv... but I've learnt recently how to fix a pearl or knit so ... that's fine...

I've found that knitting while listening to Bach is like ice cream and chocolate topping... a real treat... to has such an uplifting effect... ok ... ice cream and chocolate doesn't uplift, it weighs down on the hips but feels good at the time ... like other activities :) ... feel good at the time but maybe ....

My biggest worry is that because I am so slow at finishing any given project, that if I had multiple projects I'd never finish anything. For example, I started my current project on 2nd January, and probably won't be finished until next week, when the snow comes... so my dog will be happy, a warm jacket :) he's a mini schnauzer, so the jacket isn't big but at 6 rows a night... it's taken a while. And that includes the day I had to take off from work, rotten cold... sat and knitted all day (and watched dvds)...maybe I feel another cold coming on :)

I can't wait for this project to be finished, my dog can't wait either ... I want to do something new, like Kerry's socks... they look great. I want to make a few sets like that for work.

Istanbul, Turkey


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Usually two...I will definitely get bored with just one project to work on. Unless I have a specific deadline for a project, then I will usually go with one at a time.


I try to sitck to just two projects at one time. Often when I am working on one project I get ideas for another that I can't get out of my head until I get it started.