Weekly topic #5

What is your favourite Yarn Store & why?
bricks & morter or on line either is fine


My favourite yarn store is The Point. Waht more could you want in a yarn store! Yarn, coffee & great snacks, good company, fabulous staff & Sunday Night with the Boys! Need I say more?

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I'm taking a knitting tour of the Pacific Northwest in February. I'll let you know then. But until then www.knittinguniverse.com is pretty cool!

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Is this a self-guided tour, Gabriel?

The Weaving Works in Seattle is my favorite store.  It should be on your itinerary.  Huge selection of yarns for hand knitting and weaving, books, supplies for basketweaving and other fiber arts (paper making, etc), and great classes!

I just got into Seattle, so I'm doing my own little yarn crawl this week.  I'm so excited.

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Yarn Paradise in Asheville NC where I live has a very nice selection of yarn, but for cheaper stuff I go to AC Moore craft store.  I try to buy my bits and pieces from all locally owned places as well to support the local economy.  I recently found a local woman who is a fiber farmer and has goats, will likely buy from her as well as I liked her colors (she does her own dying).

Agree with BillBear -- A C Moore is an excellent source for yarn, books, needles, etc. At least, the inexpensive end of the scale. Here in Charlotte, we have several lovely yarn shops that offer knit-ins, sit-&-knits, AddiTurbo needles, and lovely fashion yarns. My personal favorites are Stitch Fine Yarns, Baskets of Yarn, and the Charlotte Yarn Shop. It keeps me busy, just getting around to all.

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Renny tasker

anyone ideas for knitting turkish socks on two needles.

Has anyone seen a pattern for turkish socks.

I have just completed a one socks with opal wool on two needles great!

Renny tasker

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I live in a small coastal community which is fortunate enough to have 2 yarn shops in 2 different towns 8 miles apart. www.navarroriverknits.com & www.mendocinoyarnshop.com  I go to both but find I mostly go to Navarro River Knits. It is closer. I am taking a class there in February. They both have a great selection of yarns, all kinds.

Elad Fox 

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Oh yeah, when I'm up in Portland Oregon I go to Mabels. She has a great selection plus she makes espresso drinks!


We don't receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves after a journey that no one can take for us or spare us.
Marcel Proust (1871 - 1922)