Just a quick hello. I'm new to this forum, and very new to knitting. My wife just starting teaching me to knit 3 days ago, and...and...and...I LIKE IT! I got a little razzing from my co-workers when I whipped out the yarn and needles. I guess it's odd for them to see a grizzly, bearded 50 year old guy knitting. It's addictive. I find myself saying "just one more row..." several times before I finally stop. I'm at the stage where it seems like magic.

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Welcome to the group. Congratulations on the addiction! :-) I love the fact that you are knitting at work. More power to you.



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Welcome!! There is ALWAYS time for just one more row!



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I stumbled into knitting also, my daughter (she is 10) was trying to learn how to knit from a book and so I thought I could help by reading the directions as well and trying to relate what I read to her. Now I am hooked, I am always looking for more time to practice my knitting a little more. Can't wait to get some projects down! Congrats and welcome!

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Welcome! And don't mind them, one day you'll whip out a fantastic sweater you're working on and they'll be in awe of your superior skills, besides, when all the clothes in the world sudden disappear, you wont' be the one walking around naked.
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MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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I'm at the stage where it seems like magic.

You mean it's not?

Welcome to MWK - forget Disney World - *THIS* is where the magic happens!

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Welcome! I'm new here too. We can be newbies together.

I used to work at a living history museum in Edmonton. It was organized into 4 periods, and I was on 1905 street. I spent a lot of my time knitting, which fascinated and disturbed (in equal measure, I think) visitors. Anyway, it was really common for bachelors to knit back then, especially in Edmonton where there were something like four times more bachelors than single women. If you were it in ought-5 you'd pretty much have to be prepared to knit for yourself or dispense a small fortune on things like socks, suspenders, sweaters and the like. Knitting also has a history with traditional tough-guys like sailors, mounties, and lumberjacks! I think it's kind of a shame that subsequent cultural developments have bilked men out of the right to knit proudly. Anyway, you've probably heard all this before. If you haven't prepare to be confronted with your life as historical quotation when you visit yarn stores inhabitted by hip ladies (and laddies)!

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Ditto. What are you working on?

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Thanks for the warm welcome. My first project is a scarf. It's nothing fancy...just knit stitches as I've not yet graduated to purling. The yarn is Red Heart Sport Light 3-ply 100% acrylic and the color is Dusty Green. I'm using size 8 needles.

Today I learned how to cast off the practice swatch I was working with and I learned how to fix my own dropped stitches so I don't have to keep saying "Honey, can you fix this for me." My wife was only too happy to teach me, so this way I won't keep interrupting her knitting. We spent a quiet afternoon knitting together. It was great.

I'm also learning to relax my death-grip on the needles and ease up on the tension.

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Welcome! Good to have you here - There's all kinds of people on the site -- It's one of my favorite places to be, I hope you enjoy it too!

Grace and Peace,

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From one newbie to another, welcome and it never stops feeling like magic. Seriously!!!!!