Loose purls?

I just bought a new skein of baby yarn to start a simple roll-edge hat for our soon-to-be born daughter. I was being a good boy and knitting a gauge swatch in stockinette. I noticed that my RS rows seemed almost ribbed...


I have only done garter stitch for projects - is there a natural tendency to purl tight or loose as a beginner? I'm a "thrower" and find purling a bit awkward - any thoughts?


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Yes, for almost every knitter there is difference in tension between purls and knits. So you're not doing anything wrong. To make it easier you could do the hat in the round and that way you don't have to purl unless the design calls for it.


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It just takes practice and some experimenting. When I first started (not that I am exactly long in the tooth when it comes to knitting) there was a huge difference between my knits and purls, but as you continue to work at it and adjust your tension you'll get them even and it'll come automatically to you.


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Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

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it will become more even with time...but in the meantime...you could change needle size for the purl row....

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Everyone finds purling a bit more awkward than plain ol' knit (having said that, a purl-fanatic is going to comment otherwise....). Again, most people purl looser than they knit. As Bill suggested, you can drop the size of the needle in your right hand for the purl rows to even up your tension when working in stockinette.

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I used to find knitting awkward and would always purl when a garter stitch was required. But the more I knitted the more relaxed I got at it and the better I got. It really is just time and experience.