miss-taken identity

I was finally able to view MenKnit, the second issue. For whatever reason, my Mac at home doesn't see some of the fonts. That's why I'm thankful for my office and this here computer...


One thing was surprising... the photo of Mark (of MarQ1) looks a lot like me (of hizknits.com).

Mark, I'm so sorry they put that photo there. While, I often shave my head, currently, I'm much hair-ier.

The next time I'm in NYC, let's knit and see if it's like looking in a mirror, in a wacky, gay Parent Trap kind of way (the 1961 version).


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I noticed the same problem with the MenKnit 'zine. Preview doesn't render the title/headline fonts, but I found that Acrobat Reader does fine and have been using that instead. I'm also finding that I'm having problems posting comments in RTF on here, as well.

Have you noticed any problems with schmutz rubbing off of the inner tube on your messenger bag? I like the idea, but wondered if that might be a concern.

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