Kyle meets Kaffe Fassett

I went to Wildfiber in Santa Monica, CA last Thursday and met Kaffe Fassett (he was touring signing his latest book) - if you have the chance, go see him - spend a few minutes with him; he is inspiring and has lots of fun stories to share (one he told me was about a meeting he had with Elizabeth Zimmerman in a pub outside london) - he told me when she first heard that he was knitting she sent him a set of circular needles and wrote "try these; they'll change your life." -

If you don't have the chance to see him, at least check out his books - they're full of inspiration and when you look hard at what he's doing, it's not really complicated - it just takes time (some patterns a LOT of time) -


He also ties knots and does not knit or weave in the ends, unless someone put him wise since 1986-!

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yes, that's partially true (and he and I had a nice talk about that!) - he ties knots (especially in what he was working on at the shop) he had tied together lengths of all sorts of different yarns in similar hues, and was knitting with it - when he came upon a knot, he just "weaves in" the yarn as he's knitting - much like I do - but I don't do the knotting part... I don't necessarily agree with the part of his theory that seems to nod toward ignoring the "back" of the knitting - but I do appreciate his relaxed theory of not "worrying" so much about the back... and I love the idea of using long lengths of yarn for each color and not bothering with bobbins - when the color gets a bit tangled, he just "pulls" the needed color straight out of the pile and keeps working. - I am more enamored with his color theory, design, etc. than with his technical ability - but even with knots and not weaving in ends, he's damn good! :)



That I cannot argue with.

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Great picture!

Great picture of you and him...thanks for posting this.

I'm a friend of the woman who co-writes Kaffe's quilting books, so he's often at her house. Often, she'll invite me over for coffee while he's there, and I have to say, he's as nice in a social/friendly setting as he is at one of his seminars or book signings.

If you're interested, the link below is a picture of Kaffe and I.

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That is so cool. I was flipping through one of his books today at the library. He has some seriously awesome patterns. Very intricate and colorful.

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I love his designs! And lucky you to get to chat with him :) thanks for sharing!

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