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Just saying hey and happy to be hear. I've knitted since college (about 25 years) but never got past knitting and purling basics until recently when I quit smoking. Now for some reason I have an appetite for all things complex. I'm totally into hats at the moment but will probably move into socks soon and then maybe a sweater. Anyway, I have a lot to learn and I think this is the place for it.


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Welcome, and I think you'll enjoy yourself here!

Also, I have to say knitting is a far better use of time and resources than smoking. ^_^

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Welcome, Scott! I look forward to seeing some of your work!

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Welcome, Scott. This is a great group of people.


Welcome! and congrats on the no smoking. Soon for me...sooooooooon!

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Congratulations! I used knitting as a way to quit smoking as well. I found that nothing is more relaxing as sipping a nice glass of Merlot while quietly knitting. Unfortunately for me, that lead to a weight gain of almost 100 lbs! Time to work on my crochet skills while I walk on the treadmill! (I get dizzy if I knit and walk:-))

I am happy for you as both inspire me

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Welcome! I quit smoking almost a year ago, I feel your pain. And I didn't quit because I wanted to, that's the worst part :( Knitting helps me to keep my mind off smoking, that's why I always have to go for a more complicated pattern than my abilities allow :p

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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Well, my general feeling is that your abilities rise to the level of the project you do. If you're not pushing yourself, you're not going to learn.

you're wise

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Hi Scott,

Congratulations on quiting smoking! It's a difficult habit to escape from, and knitting/crocheting were beneficial activities that assist me in my venture down the nicotine withdrawal route.

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Greetings and welcome- knit till it hurts!

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Welcome to the group Scott! Congratulations on quiting smoking, I quit 5 months ago and find knitting is a great help. I used chantix which helped a great deal. Now all I have to do is lose all the weight I have gained, I look like a blimp! Looking forward to seeing your projects.



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Thanks for the warm welcome all.

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Trying to quit smoking......knitting is helping slow me down. I started dieting last April and I noticed a real improvement in October when I started to crochet...too busy to snack. I ended up dropping 60 pounds and have kept it off so far. I hope when I give up the sticks (cigs, not knitting needles) that I can be kept busy enough to not go outside for that smoke. Congrats on your success and from one noob to another, welcome!

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Welcome. Welcome. welcome!
boy - all you previously smokers are making me feel guilty! I will say I'd smopke a lot less if I didn't drive for two hours a day...most weekends lately I smoke 1 a day or less; but put me behind a wheel and I gotta light up.

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Glad to hear you quit smoking. Keep it up!!! I am smoke free for 7 years now. Its not easy, but sure is worth it.

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Scott, welcome to MWK.

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I've been spending so much time on Ravelry that I've neglected this space. I'll have to carve out time for more visits!

Congratulations on joining MWK and on quitting smoking.

-Jorah of Indian Land, SC

-Jorah of Indian Land, SC