Just wanted to say hey...

I went on a couple of trips over the holidays and hadn't posted anything in a while. My latest happenings knitting-wise:

- I finished up some swatches for a learn to knit correspondence course from the Knitting Guild of America. Here's the link if anyone's interested in reading more:
I'm anxious to get back the critiques. Some of my ribbing was a little loose so I won't be surprised if I get dinged for that.

-I'm working on seaming together the pieces for this pattern from the Oct 2005 issue of Knitting Simply:

Chunky Casual

So far I've got the shoulders seamed and attached both sleeves. Here's a pic of my work in progress:

Casual Chunky in Progress

I'm using cheapo Wool Ease Thick & Quick since the main objective is to practice my finishing skills.

-Anyone heading to Stitches West at the end of February? I signed up for a few classes, some of which require you to knit up swatches ahead of time so that's next on the knitting to-do list.

Hope everyone had a safe and happy holidays!

V's picture

Lookin good. Your stitches look even and the shoulder seams are neat. I don't know about anyone else, but the ribbing looks just like the ones in the model picture.

Bill's picture

looks GREAT!
...see you at Stitches, Ollie...

albert's picture

Very even knitting. I'd like to encourage you to take a look at knitting in the round as well as flat.

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Great job, it looks like a winner!



Well...hey back at ya! I think everything looks perfect to me. I really like the sweater too....nice and full and comfy.

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Thanks for the words of encouragement.

Albert - It's on my ever growing to-do list to try a seamless sweater at some point. I have some lopi patterns and yarn I picked up when I was in Reykjavik last year.