Weeklish Topic #6

What was the hardest project you've completed? Why was it so hard and would you create one again? In other words was it great enough after you completed it to warrant another?

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The hardest thing I've done is the one I'm doing now, a sweater in red and white with fair isle that I've copied from an old sock from 19th centery. And it's turned out too small so I wont be able to wear it my self unless I wash it and stretch it to a larger size. But I will make a patttern and have it as an exhibitionpiece that I can show when I am at fairs in the country. So I think it's worth the effort and will probably knit one more someday becourse I think it's a nice sweater.

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Okay, so it wasn’t difficult as in knitting technique, but the hardest project for me was knitting a scarf. Not just any scarf, though, this was a Harry Potter themed scarf for a friend. So, the hardest part about it? It was knit on size 4 circulars with a thin wool yarn and was 10 inches wide (20 inches in circumference) and 10, yes 10 feet long (not including the 6 inch tassels on each end). I thought it would only take a week, but it took me four full weeks to finish the damn thing. I had a deadline too, so I worked on it almost non-stop for the four weeks. It was so tedious and I didn’t let myself work on anything else. It was so beautiful when it was done. I’m kicking myself for not having any pictures of it.

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The most difficult project I ever made was a doll sweater.  The pattern was easy; it's a top-down one-piece raglan.  The difficulty was in the size.  The doll is only 6.25" tall so the sweater had to be very small.  In order to achieve the tiny stitches that look close to appropriate to the doll's size, I knitted the sweater on US#000 (1.5mm) needles with a lace weight merino wool.  The stitch markers were tiny jump rings used in jewelry making.   I could do one in a week but I could barely see at the end of a knitting session.  Whenever I would look up to rest my eyes I would struggle to refocus my them; sometimes it would take an hour to be able to see close-up work again (I'm really getting old).  The sweater was a success, very soft and fit perfectly.  I received orders for more and made 6 more (sold at $40.00 each) until my eyes refused to participate in another one.  I still have orders from collectors of the particular doll who are hopeful that I'll get new glasses and knit them again.  Fat chance.  I can't post a picture here so I'll do that in the Images gallery.

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An Entrelac scarf that I started back in August I think. A very kind Gabriel tried to help me but to no avail. It's still on needles waiting to be seen to. One day............ 



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I've never really had a hard project, I look at them all the same and just do them. Sometimes folks ask me if this or that was difficult... and I just tell them that once you start it then you finish it. I've never started a project and set it aside to start another, sounds kinda silly to me. I was always taught to finish what yer up to, then move on. Kinda like, why start washing yer face when yer still pissing in the river?

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