putting a zipper in a zip up cardigan

I'm getting ready to put a zipper in a sweater I am finishing - and I have never done this before - any suggestions on how I do this? I have looked online at tutorials, and it seems pretty straightforward - pin it in place, sew it up (I'd have to do it by hand) and cover the backing with something - either ribbon or a knitted piece - I guess I'm just worried I might mess it up and wanted to hear if any of you have attempted this and was it a tragedy? :)

help! :)


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I always ask a good friend to do these kind of things....
I am sure that I could do it myself but I hate it....
Bye from Jan


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it's really that easy!
...just be careful to NOT stretch the knitting...or you'll have ripples.
I place the knitting flat on the table...pin every inch...then hold it up to see if it sags strangely...(loose knitting sometimes does)
then sew by hand.

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I think I'm going to attempt it myself... thanks for the tips... moving slowly seems to be the best advice anyone can offer!





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Just make sure you slightly ease the knitting onto the zip so as not to get cause the edge of your cardigan to ripple.

Have been knitting for years. I knit continually then will try another craft, but will return to the needles.