First 3 Color Hat- a good learning experience

Hello all- Since Christmas, I have been working on learning how to use two colors in the same row in a basic hat. This has been a good exercise for me- practicing holding 2 colors in each hand, stranding the unused color in the back, keeping the tension even...Last night I decreased to the top of the hat...I had to rip this part of the hat out 3 times (frustrating but I guess this is part of the knitting process)...The sad part is the hat is finished but is too small...I need to add about 12 stitches to the brim to have a better fit. This finished hat would fit a large child. If I had knit a test swatch to check the gauge and measured my head and did a little basic math, I would have a hat that fits...Live and learn! I guess this hat is a test run. Everytime I sit down and knit, I learn something new. Happy knitting (and learning) to all.


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Lord knows why, but I am so petrified of using more than one color in a row. GAH!

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I feel the same way - so am sympathetic.

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Me too. I barely feel coordinated enough to hold one strand in my hand at a time. But the hat is way cool - great color combination.

I wish I were knitting now.

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me too, we should start a club. and one day, do like all those crazy cult people and mass suicide, except in our case we'll all do a stranded KAL. YSP take 2!
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Nice color combo and well done! I gather that you did the two-handed knitting technique. Which hand did you find easier? No swatch? BAD BOY, BAD BAD BOY! There, I feel better now.

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Beautifully done! Your tension looks great.



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I'm doing hats this year. I've had trouble getting the right size too. My first hat was cute as could be, but could fit a medium child, my next hat, a beanie done in garter stitch from never knit your man a sweater, was too big, Being garter, it just didn't have the elasticity to it, My next hat, a hat done in short rows, was again too big. I am currently working on a hat done in double knitting. So far its going ok. Doing the double knitting decreases may be a big challenge. Hopefully afater a month on hats, and 4 tries, I can get one down! :-)

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I have the same problem with anything using a size 7 needle or smaller however I don't have any problem with bulky and chunky yarns using larger needles. I don't know what the deal is. One was so big that I felted it and it turned out really cool.

I wish I were knitting now.

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Your hat looks great. I enjoy doing two color knitting (fair isle), it's actually become my favorite type of knitting. Keep up the good work.