Your Nemesis...

Would love to know the one project that has failed you repeatedly, the one pattern that has duped you and pissed you off to no end. The one item you've yet to conquer, but still yearn to complete successfully. Cheers.


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the Luna Moth Shawl. I can't get past the 20th row. I always end up dropping stitches, mis counting or whatever. I've started it 5 or 6 times, ripped it out probably 25 - 30 times. But I'm determined that one day I will knit that shawl. Twice, just to prove the first time wasn't a fluke

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MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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Mine is a lace pattern of my own design. I picked a perfect background lace for the design, and I have practically destroyed the laceweight silk by knitting, unknitting, knitting, unkitting (four times now) the same pattern stitch.

It's almost always out of carelessness on my part.

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For forty years my bugaboo was the purl stitch. I couldn't get it. everything came out a knit.
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Scarves, it has to be scarves.

It isn't that I can't do them, it is that I get incredibly bored when working on them. My brother decided that he wanted a Hufflepuff house scarf for his birthday, and I have to force myself every day to pick up the needles.

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Fair Isle. I know Jesse (Kiwiknitter) loves it to death but I just cannot grasp it. Part of it may be my complete inability to do any two handed knitting. I just don't seem to have the dexterity/coordination. I've tried a few simple things and failed miserably. Tried them again, same results. Tried a third time hoping it would be a charm. Nope. Still failed miserably.

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Keep trying- your hands have a "mind" of their own and at some point they will "get it".

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I think mine is a neck tie. Knit in the round on those tiny tooth pick size #5 dpns. My hands are cramping just thinking about it. And oh so tedious. And yet I feel compelled to finish one - I know it will be totally cool when its finished. I totally frogged the last one - too many mistakes.

I wish I were knitting now.

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Hmm. This sweater i tried knitting because my friend was making it and found a mistake or something in iit. Had a star shape on the back and flares sleeves. I found the same mistake and have obsessed with it a few times. Anyone wanna give it a go? Lemme know...grrr...

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I've been struggling with a project for quite sometime now. It's not that the pattern is difficult, nor the stitches used. With two attempts to knit the sweater, at different points within the cables, the design had shifted to where I was from 2 to 4 stitches off. The object is the Hjaltland Pullover by Mari Dembrow in book 1 of Simply Shetlands. Recently I'd picked up my third attempt at knitting this sweater, and continued on at the reduced pace with which I'd started. Thus far, all is fine with it.
The nenesis that I face, trying to knit faster than my abilities allow.

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I've had a single sock going since October... I have, however been in three different operas, moved into a new house, got a puppy, and rehearsed almost every day since then...

I can't even force myself to pick-up the needles... I miss it... It's soothing...

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Believeit or not!
Believe it or not! I have started and frogged the halfdome from the Knitty site, three times. Why something so simple is so hard for me to do, I can't understand.
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I attended a Luxury Yarn Retreat at my LYS, and the project for everyone was the Brioche Scarf out of Luxury One Skein Wonders-only knitted with Urban Silk instead of cashmere. The pattern only has one row, but you have to do a yarnover before a purl three together, and to do this they wanted us to do a double yarnover and then drop one of them on the way back. I (and most of the other people in the workshop) could not handle this simple scarf pattern, and we were mostly experienced knitters. I ended up trying again at home, and came up with an alternate to the double yarnover/purl three together that worked for me.