Has anyone used this stuff?

So, a friend of mine in NYC asked if I would knit him a scarf, provided that he send me the yarn, AND compensate me. I mean, who could say no? So anyway, no I have this stuff...it's rather nice, but I have NO idea what it will knit up like!

It's called Verona, made by Karabella Yarns. The little boucles are EVERYWHERE, and it's in nice, warm browns and taupe colors. Kinda looks like the clippings from a hair salon, if you ask me. Still, it's rather nice, and seems very alluring.

He wants a long, narrow scarf, but being that I've never done anything with this variety, I'm not exactly sure what approach to take. Does anyone have any photos of what this looks like when it's knitted?

Thanks a bundle!

~ Coty

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I've never used it but I just did a quick search on the net and most patterns suggest a #15 needle. So I'm thinking that any fancy stitch work will be completely obscured by the yarn. I would say keep it simple and let the yarn speak for itself. It does look like hair clippings. If you go to the Karabella web site they have pix of projects in all of their yarns - take a look, that might help you.

I wish I were knitting now.

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I have not knit with this yarn but have knit scarves with very similar yarns. I really like the look of the boucle in garter stitch, it was a very pleasant surprise to me. The yardage is not very much on this so I hope that you have at least 2 balls of it. With 2 balls (130 yds) you should be able to get a nice length scarf that is not too wide, buy this I'm talking 4-5 inches. Using the recommended needles (US 15) and casting on 13 sts you will get a 4" wide scarf that is probably about 85-90" long using garter stitch. You will need to do garter stitch (knit all rows) or seed stitch or something similar or it will roll up into a skinny tube that is worthless. The one thing you have to be careful of are the boucle loops, they are very easy to stitch your needle tips though instead of the stitch. It will slow you down a wee bit but not enough to make you want to hurt yourself or others ;). It is a relatively expensive yarn, as most novelty yarns are, so hopefully your friend was willing to spend some cash on enough yarn. With 3-4 balls you will be able to do a very nice scarf. Good luck.

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The only picture of the elusive yarn in an actual finished piece that I could find is this cardigan http://www.karabellayarns.com/patterndetail.aspx?pattID=43
there are two other patterns one the site using Verona but they are mixed with other yarn, the one I posted is just Verona and gives a pretty good idea of the outcome. I'm agree with Scottly, this looks like a purely garter stitch type yarn. It looks lovely though.


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Seems like everyones pretty much answered your question but I did find this site:
that recommends a 15 g needle

I'd say keep the pattern simple too, with it being so fuzzy. looks like a fun yarn though. good luck and upload a pic when you're done!

Thank you so much for all the feedback! It really helps out! Yeah, something simple would be nice. I was thinking about a simple k1, p1 from row below rib...any thoughts?

And yes, when I'm finished with it, I'll def. post a photo! Also, he bought 5 skeins of it. I'm gonna have left overs! :)

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Not leftovers;- compensation in goods.

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K1 P1 is slow!
...and not worth it with the textured yarn...stick to garter with the boucle...
it will look much more impressive....

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I must disagree. I wouldn't do a narrow rib...but garter doesn't look that good in a boucle' . I did a beautiful scarf in a poodle loop mohair boucle in K2 p2 which was elastic and architectural...The boucle gave it a wonderful hand and loft. Garter on a long skinny scarf... I think the horizontal texture would fight with the shape of the garment.

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Boucles like this, although a bitch to knit with, are very worth the effort. The thing is to work with the benefits of this type of yarn: The loft and hand of it. I would knit it in broader ribs...K2p2, or better yet k3p3. It will give an architectual column effect to the rib, with great elasticity and texture, and will compliment the long skinny aspect of the scarf.

[img_assist|nid=1607|title=examples of "high quality scarves" knit by grandcarriage....|desc=mohair and wool scarves|link=none|align=left|width=200|height=150]

The scarf on the left is of mohair loop boucle in a K2p2 rib and I assure you, it feels AMAZING. VERY SQUOOSHY and lofty. If I were to redo it, I would do K3P3 instead.

As far as the needle goes...try 15s and 13s...You don't want it SO open that it loses structure... My guess is 13's are plenty big.

Good luck.

PS: If you find that you've dropped a stitch, don't even attempt to rip it out...completely impossible in this yarn. After you're done, go back and secure the drop with a kitchener or duplicate stitch in the same yarn... Send me a message if you have any questions.