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hi guys,

 i have a project in mind for chunky yarn, though i'd like to try some new fibers. where i am now doesn't have that great of a selection of chunky yarn, so i've been looking online for a few brands i havn't tried before... the only thing i don't like about it is that pictures can be deceiving. no matter how amazing the picture is, it's hard to tell what the actual fiber will be like. i was wondering if any of you had any experience (good or bad) with these yarns?

 Debbie Bliss Merino Chunky

Gjestal Naturgarn No. 1

Patons UpCountry

Austermann Naturwolle

Cleckheaton Merino Supreme

Peruvian Collection Highland Chunky


Also, if you have any other recommendations of chunky yarn that you LOVED working with, let me know too! Thanks!

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Sounds like you've been looking at the elann website. :-)

 I'm awaiting delivery of some Paton's UpCountry from them to make something for the Dulaan Project, so I'll let you know in a few days what it's like (assuming someone doesn't beat me to it). I expect that it and the Gjestal, at least, would be very much like Reynolds Lopi.

I'm actually interested in the Debbie Bliss and the Austermann Naturwolle, as well. I have some Austermann alpaca/wool blend sport/DK weight that's quite nice (destined for a sweater someday). I've made a lot of hats with Lopi and like it well enough for outerwear (It's fine for the head if you don't make it too tight around the ears. Otherwise, I've used and like Alpaca With A Twist's Big Baby, but my partner helped design it, so I'm probably not the most objective source for info on that one.

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haha, yeah, you're right....i have been looking at the elann website. thanks for your comments, i look forward to hearing what the yarn is like. i've ordered a few types of yarn from and i've been generally impressed...i think i might order a few skeins of their 30% alpaca and 70% wool.....have you tried that yet?

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The Patons Up Country just arrived today, and it's very nice! Nice soft hand to it, doesn't have guard hairs like the lopi yarn. Probably not something you'd want directly against sensitive skin, but generally wonderful feel. I also got a catalog of Patons yarns and it looks like the Up Country's been discontinued, so I'd think about buying some up if you're interested. Elann only has the one color, but it's so light that it should overdye very readily if you want to try your hand at that.

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