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I am new to knitting. I picked it up as a stress relief, and my partner and I began with a semiprivate lesson at a lys here in New York (Annies on the UES). First session was knit only and the second session on Sunday will be casting on and purl. So I have knitted one skein + a sample piece that they gave us that I keep knitting and undoing to try different stitches (that I invent). I have taken to this faster than I expected, and the stress relief that the yarn provides is greater than expected as well. I will probably convert my first project into a scarf.

What would you recommend as project two? A scarf with a more complex pattern, or do you think I should go to a hat or something else?

Thanks for the advice guys -

Jack in NYC

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Find something in the yarn store that strikes your fancy. A hat would be relatively quick and give you some additional skills in decreasing. A sweater would be a baptism of fire into how to read and execute a pattern.

You're lucky in that you have a local resource to go to for help if you run into issues...and of course there's the internet and MWK.

Good luck, and welcome to the nut house.

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Now that you have a feel for knitting flat maybe you would like to try knitting in the round. As Joe says a hat would be a good project for this. There is a whole universe of creativity awaiting you, brother nut!

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Welcome to MWK, there are people here with a fund of knowledge.

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Welcome to the addiction and group! Looking forward to seeing and hearing more from you and your partner. I also think a hat would be a great second project. There is a great pattern posted here by Steven
( scb2467).



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Hello Jack,


I'm in agreement with the fellows, a hat would be a good next project. Not only would it provide you with the lessons of increases/decreases, but, as well, a coordinate to your scarf.

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Welcome! This guys are awesome, they'll never steer you wrong. Some (you know who you are) might drive you insane, but they'll never steer you wrong.
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