Drop Spindles - Who wants them?

In the past, people have mentioned they would like to try spinning. Buying a wheel can be costly if you do not like it in the end.

So I have 2 drop spindles to give away to anyone who wants them. If more than 1 person would like them, I will divide them up. If more than two want them, I will draw a name (compliments and Little Debbie Nutty Bars help).

Anyhoo....drop me a message. All free including mailing.

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wow....this might be perfect....my bf is wanting to do something crafty but he cannot get the hang of knitting (he has neuropathy that affects his hands......he has talked about spinning, so maybe this would be ideal for him to try it out...
if you still have them I would be interested...and more than glad to pay shipping...


Do you still have one available? I've wanted one for MONTHS!

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Omg, I would love a real drop spindle! The one I have is made of a cd and a dowl rod. But hey if no one esle replys give them to the two guys before me... no need to make a special drawing for me!


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A friend of mine got bored at a presentation one time - reached for her spinning and found she hadn't put her spindle in with the fiber...but a few minutes later was spinning anyway - using a pencil shoved through a kaiser roll! She said it wasn't the best spindle she'd ever used, but it worked.

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I'm going to toss in a 3rd drop spindle to this giveaway. I'll leave it up to my partner in crime to let me know who it's sent to.

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MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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I never have time, but I would love to put my name into the hat. I've always found the idea of spinned fantastic.

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If it's not too late, I'd love to toss my name into the hat. I would *love* to be able to wear something crafted entirely by me (and, I suppose, a sheep or alpaca).

Thanks Bud...that is real sweet of you. I will msg the 3 people. I really really really wish I had more to give.

I may have to search for other stuff since I am in a purging mood with the home!

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is it too late to get my name in the hat'?

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