Couple of finished things

First is a "Diagonal Lace Scarf" for me other sister. If you want to try open work...this one was easy and relaxing. CatBlue is the yarn by Brown Sheep weight.

The second is a baby blanket for a great guy I work with. His wife is due the 29th but she thinks it is gonna be soon. Used an acrylic and tried my hand at a crocheted border.

NOW....I am off to the store to pick up a few knittin' things. All my "urgent" projects are done and I am finally gonna make something for myself. First up...a hat....second....I will join the sock revolution!

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They're both very nice. I love the knit-purl squares - I've used that pattern for a few things.

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They're both lovely - I'm especially fond of the lace scarf, and I'm sure your sister will be thrilled! Does she knit too or are you "the black sheep" in your family (like me)?

I am the only one that knits so yes, I am like you. I am trying to get more involvement. I keep saying I want to simplify Christmas and remove money involvement (for the most part). I keep saying a homemade gift will mean more to me....

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Want to know how my sister and I have removed money involvement when it comes to Christmas? We've had a competition for a few years: the one who has bought the worst AND cheapest present wins. Highly recommended!

Smart idea! I may pass that along. We limited the dollar amount. But it is hard cause she does not earn alot, and my Mom is 81 and on Social I buy them things throughout the year they need. I think they feel they need to "repay" me which I never want. Thank goodness my other sister and brother are not too much a part of the mix when it comes to spending money on them.

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The lace scarf is lovely! On my monitor, it looks like a different colour than the baby blanket; I really like the blue of the blanket.

Good work!

Knit like the wind!

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I love the scarf. I seem determined to torture myself with lacework these days and need something that is interesting but a little less demanding than some of the stuff I have been working on. Do you have a pattern handy for the scarf?

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Ron, they both look great. I'm sure the receipients will be very happy with them.

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Great stuff. I am especially fond of the blanket. A larger version of that would look great in my entertainment room. Ahh...a new goal to work towards.

Super work!

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Good work. They both look great, I'm also a fan of the knit square / stocking stitch square checkerboard pattern in the baby blanket. I had no real luck with my first openwork attempt so I would also like the pattern for the scarf as it looks less complex than what I tried the last time.

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Rob, Those are great!!

I've never tried lace and should do so. I've just started my first pair of socks - doing the hikers socks out of the Knitting Man(ual). So far they're going well. I have two WIPs now, the socks and the Cobblestone sweater.

Missed you last Sunday. We had a nice time out there at the Recycled Lamb.



I happened to pick up The Knitting Man(ual) Saturday at the Lamb Shoppe. It is a great book.

They are both lovely Rob and I envy your sister the lace scarf.

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lovely work, now hurry with that hat so we can knit socks!
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They're both great. The scarf looks quite elegant. Good luck with the socks and get ready to make more after your first pair. :)

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I envy the lucky baby that gets that blanket.

I wish I were knitting now.

Aww thanks for the nice things you all said. I will send your checks out soon.

I got a bunch of yarn Saturday and I started a beanie yesterday. I must say...I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! It is so relaxing to do a beanie...and so fast. I can see why people like hats. And Bud, socks will start this weekend!

PS...I will post the link for the pattern this evening as I cannot access it at work. Work? I am supposed to be working?