Theme Problems

I have have the new theme working on IE/Mac. If it's working on the old Mac version, I can only assume the latest PC version would render it fine.

If you don't see the user login block, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

The user login block is now located on the right. It's size was apparently breaking the theme, but this isn't an issue on the right side. All the world loves a workaround!

I've looked at the site in IE/Mac, Safari, Firefox, Camino and the whitespace/left column dropping issue is gone.

I created this new thread to report any theme problems you're experiencing with the theme. Just leave a comment with what's going on and the browser and version you're using, as well as whether you're on xp, osx, linux, etc.

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Darrel, it's getting spooky!  Haha.  Hey, I'm using IE 6 on Windows XP and I still think it's the Related Sites block.  When I opened, everything looks fine, but I didn't see the log-in block you mentioned (because I was automatically logged in).  SO, I logged off to see it and everything gets shifted down.  I see the center column, then the left column, then way down the page I find the right column (which now contains the Related Sites block along with the log-in.  So, I log in and everything is back to normal.  (If I check the option for Related Sites when I'm logged in, it shifts the columns again).  Finally, if I click on the link to the Home Page, I get logged off!

Hope you are well!

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John, I think you should bring your computer down here so we can do some testing. In lieu of that, I'm borrowing a PC tonight and will see what kind of magic I can work!

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YOU need to come home!
We miss you!!!


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You worked the magic, Darrel!!!!! This seems to be working great......I missed this site when I couldn't log on! Glad to be back....hope to stay! LOL

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Hooray! Everyone should pat John on the back for isolating the primary cause of our earlier theme grief. Yaaaaay John!

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Since some of the recent changes the main page is now too wide and I have to scroll left/right as well as up/down.  Any ideas??  Seems to be main page only.

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I think that was do to a very long URL that wasn't wrapping. It seems some browsers will wrap text without spaces while other's won't. I edited that particular post and would love to know if it's still happening. I couldn't duplicate it on any of my browsers.

The comments block is wider than the print column on my computer. Occasionally results in not being able to see the whole comment while typing. So, can't catch all the spelling errors and mis-types. I'm using Mozilla FireFox under XP. Is this a problem with any other browsers?

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I think this is a problem across all browsers and it's next on my to-do list. The members list page also extends through the right column, as well.