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Thought I'd say hello; obviously I've only just joined. I was pleased to find that a community like this one exists! Technically I'm not a knitter yet, but with luck (or, actually, practice) I will be soon. I have a tradition of setting year-long goals for myself on my birthday, which is the sixteenth of this month, instead of January first.

This year it's going to be to learn to knit, as all my friends do and I feel a bit left out when we're all at a cafe and they're all working on their projects and I'm just sitting there like a fool. Also, I'm a bit of a clothes horse, and the idea of having the power to make my own items is thrilling.

Since it's not quite my birthday yet, I'm forcing myself to avoid the books and needles and yarn I've already purchased, but I'd be happy to listen to any advice you've got for me!

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Welcome... at one point or another, we've all felt the exact same!! Glad that a group like ours exists. Glad you've joined us.


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my advice is to start practice knitting right now...then when you officially start, on your birthday...you'll have a bit better idea of what you're doing...

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*wave* Hi! how ya doin? :)
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Hello Jon,

Welcome to MWK.

I know it's a wee bit early, but I couldn't resist saying: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

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Thanks everyone!

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Welcome! Wouldn't starting in advance be a nice birthday present for yourself?


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yup -start now - then on your actual birthday - treat yourself to a really really really nice yarn and start the "for real" project.
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Welcome to the group, I'm pretty new here too. I picked up knitting for relaxation and so I tend to use simple stitches and patterns. Beyond that, it is all just practice and doing any project will give you that!

My advice is to keep knitting fun and relaxed. Keep those stitches loose! Oh, and try to be patient with any mistakes. I think mistakes add character, although I have to admit that I do my fair share of "ripping" or unduing the stitches back to the mistake to fix it as well.

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Welcome to the group. I'm pretty new myself but I get a lot out of coming here. My knitting has improved 1000% since I joined this group. Good luck with your new endeavor and happy birthday!

I wish I were knitting now.

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It's finally my birthday so I can start my long frustrating attempt to learn*. I'm excited, but sadly I'll have to put it down after today; I'm driving home this week. I guess I'll have a couple hours a day in motel rooms to practice.

*Before you tell me it'll be easy and quick, I should let you know I've tried learning this skill before and it always ended with me fighting whoever was trying to teach me. This time I've promised myself to only go with books and videos and strangers, so I don't ruin any more relationships over needlecraft (I swear to god I was once in a month-long feud with a friend, over counted cross stitch).