Jake Gyllenhaal

I had never really done much color knitting of any kind, so I tried something new. I made a portrait. I know, I could have stuck with something already drawn out, but most of the patterns I found didn't catch me. I figured out how to make personalized charts using PhotoShop, and I was itching to try it out in practice!

I took a photo of my future significant other and love of my life, Jake Gyllenhaal. He just doesn't know it yet...

Anyway, after blocking, this is what I have! Not perfect, but in the process of knitting it, I came up with something I call "Intairs-isle".


Wow. Looks like your jack-o-lantern! You've got talent!


lol...I can't believe you remember that! Look forward to seeing the likenesses of Rufus Wainwright, Regina Spektor, Norah Jones, and Harry Connick Jr.! BTW, what should I do with these things? How could I make a pillow out of it, but still be able to see the image clearly?


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i did this before a few years ago. i made a pair of scarfs for my favorite band at the time: Mates of State, but before i made it i practiced my own face to see how the pattern would go over. I ended up using a double knitted technique so it was reversible. Knitted my face about 10 times. I know it sounds creepy but it ended up really cool. I did the same with theirs but i put the faces on either ends with crazy fair-isle(ish) patterns through it

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That's really cool. I have a program that allows you to convert a picture into a cross stitch pattern. My daughter used it to take pictures of my grandkids and make a counted cross stitch picture for me.



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That is quite different and quite fine.

If I wanted to display his face on a pillow cover, I would probably pick up stitches all around this in something fun, like faux-fur yarn in purple and widen the current piece of fabric. Then I would just knit a similar size piece of faux-fur for the back.

Unless you wanted to put Maggie on the back for a hot little brother/sister pillow thing.

First you invent Intairs-Isle and then you invent bi-pillows.

Wow, that is amazing.

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That's really cool. I do hope you plan to tell him about the whole future thing before the wedding night. Those kinds of surprises usually don't go over well.
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MWK's Token Estrogen-American

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WOW . . that's great . . great work and wonderful idea!


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Even as a pillow he's just hot!

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That's impressive! To the right is says there are 1525 registered users here... Hope you're not worried about getting requests!


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O.K. I've let Reese know and she says she's not upset, but I would steer clear of Nashville, Manhattan and LA for awhile.

By the way, who could sleep with Jake on their pillow?

Very cool!!!

I wish I were knitting now.

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I agree with Queer Joe...if you want the pic to be readable...it needs to be framed with more fabric. You could knit more...or send it to me, and I'll finish it for you in fabric...with a zipper, so you can insert a pillow. (no charge)
It's a wonderful piece of work!!!!!

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All I can say is... that's GREAT!! So you could say, "Knit a picture, it'll last longer!"


So...funny little update-- I sent him a fan letter today! I've never done that before, so whatever...

Anyway, it contained a letter, my resume/headshot, and photos of this project as well as my halloween "Jake-O-Lantern"!

BTW...I told him to say "hey" to Reese for me, and to ask her if she likes fried pickles (I'm from Alabama, so maybe it's a southern thing!).

We'll see!

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Here, boys. I've already drooled over this this morning....


And a question: How did you use Photoshop to create the pattern? I think that would be something fun to experiment with.

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That's amazing. Great job.

pardon my french, but DAMN. I mean, DAMN.

I just want to touch him.

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