Weekly Topic #7

Who do knit for the most; yourself or others?


For myself. But, my partner and my daughter both steal anything they like out of my wardrobe.


Hi Martin.  Glad to see you still in the land of the living!  With me it's not a question of who I knit for but who ends up wearing it.  I may have said this before, but after knitting something for weeks, I get fed up with it! so I frequently pass it on.  I always regret it and at the moment am now knitting for myself.  I find knitting for others more a motivator as well - once promised you have to deliver.

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More for others than myself, I must admit, though I do have a few projects on the needles for myself.

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I'd say about 80% for others and 20% for myself. That includes things I knit for myself and then decided to give away. I can only wear so many hats and scarfs. Taking a sweater class in February.


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For others, mostly.  Well, the hours spent knitting on the sofa are really for myself, but the finished products tend to be given away. (Sometimes they're just given to my partner, so I still get to see them!)

Having said that, I think my next few projects will be for me.  A hat.  Socks.  For some reason it feels a bit too indulgent making stuff for myself.  Too indulgent is good, though. 

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I usually knit for others, but have recently taken a self-centered turn to compensate for my lack of accessories. I've made myself some fingerless gloves and a scarf, but nothing else. I've got a hat on the needles now, but it's coming out too big and since my hair has grown out, I can't really wear hats anymore anyway. Maybe, just maybe, it's time to make a sweater.

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I always make clothes that I want to wear but when they are finished I often give them to others. It's the making that interest me, not the products.

its a pretty equal mix of knitting for myself or for my girlfriend. mostly because a bunch of the really cool and intriguing patterns are obviously for females, so i have her as a great recipient of whatever is next up on my ambitious knitting list. but i knit for myself a lot too because i like to wear mostly homemade if i can.

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God, for others. But that's only because (a) there are about 12 patterns for men out there, and (b) society tells us that we can only wear certain things.  Do you know how BADLY I want to make a shawl for myself because I'm really enjoying knitting lace?

So make a shawl for yourself. Who says you can't. It would be really practical on a chilly night!

Knit away, knit away

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If someone asks me to knit something for them, I graciously offer to teach them to knit for themselves.  I knit almost exclusively for myself.  I tried knitting gifts for my parents but they have some difficulty having a son who knits.  I will knit for my partner if he finds a pattern he likes and makes the request.  This doesn't happen often and I am making something for him now.  He and I do share the socks I've knitted.  Our 11 year old son wouldn't be caught dead in anything that doesn't have a designer (or at least a store) label in it.

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I knit for myself, mostly, but if I forget to make the tension swatch (or don't make the right adjustments), the project ends up for someone else!!!  Embarassed