Montera Scarf

So here's my lacy scarf that I just finished blocking. If you want to make this scarf, you can find the stitch pattern in Volume 3 of Harmony Knitting Stitches. It's the "Spiral and Eyelet Panel."

This scarf was made out of just two skeins of Classic Elite's Montera yarn on size 9 needles. It measures 7" X 75" after blocking.

I have the old Harmony volumes but Interweave has now released them as three volumes: Knit & Purl, Lace & Eyelets, Cables & Arans.


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That's a very attractive scarf. Great work!


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Linux: because a PC is a terrible thing to waste

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Looks great, well done.

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Beautiful color and pattern. Great job!



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very attractive. i haven't attempted working with variety of stitch patterns. so far i find one pattern per piece and try and nail it down. usually by the end it looks right :)

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Thanks a lot guys. I found this a very pleasing and quick project with a lace design.

Very nice. I like a good yarn that says soft. Put your ear closer now...come'll hear it!

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Very elegant and a nice rich blue. I love it.