Book: Guy Knits... know anything about it?

I just clicked through on an add for a pre-order on a book called "Guy Knits"

Anyone heard anything about it?

Just wondering.

Grace and Peace,


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I have seen this book mentioned before - I think it's a collection of patterns that were already published (but can't be too sure) - I'm all for collecting knitting books - anything "guy" related -



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It's a new book, officially released next week, that's a collection of "the best" from Knitting Magazine. Here's a link:

I know some places are already selling it, like one of our LYSs, but amazon won't ship until March 5th. I've pre-ordered it, becasue I really need more knitting books (uh-huh, tell us that again, Stuart).

See also our recent thread on knitting books.

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It was available at Stitches West...meant to buy it, because it looked good....but in the rush of all the vendors, I forgot to go back and get it.
...didn't want to carry books around while I was shopping for yarn....

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Looks interesting. I'll definitely pick this up.

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Our LYS had it Tuesday, so I browsed through it and purchased it there. It is mainly sweaters (and some gorgeous ones too) with a few mitts and hats thrown in. There is also a stitch guide, like the one that appears in each issue of Knitting magazine, a section about choosing and using color, and a refitting guide to custom tailor the garments to your exact measurements.

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Its a really down-to-earth set of garments for guys. I don't agree with all of the COLOR choices, but the designs are awesome. It's decidedly less hipster than the other books out there.

Although there is a picture of a guy in a lavender knit vest and the guy has eyes in the loudest shade of FUCKIN BLUE that just kinda distract from everything else on the page. He's also got a creepy smile.

"The only sin is mediocrity." --Martha Graham

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I bought it at the lys yesterday. It's fantastic, I virtually want to knit everything in it. The best thing about it is that the patterns are not overly designed, there's no guilding of the lilly. Good basic stuff worn by some pretty nice eye candy.

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Just my personal plug. I would buy ANY book published by XRX. OK, I'm a little biased, they are the publishers of Knitter's Magazine and have been published by them on several occasions. The owners Alexis and David Xenakis and Elaine Rawley, hence XRX, are 3 really great people. I know each of them personally and think the world of them. Alexis is the company photographer and I feel THE BEST knitwear photographer working today. He has an incredible eye and is totally self taught. The editor of Knitter's is also a well known and respected knitting teacher, pattern designer and male knitter, Rick Mondragon, who I also consider a friend.

After reading this I'm not sure why I wrote it, it sound like self promotion TRUST me it's NOT. I just really like XRX products and like to talk about things I like and support.