socks for Shaquille O'Neal (or my first pair of socks)

I think these would fit him. I'm obviously having a guage problem. It's time to start taking guage swatches seriously. I don't think they turned out that bad - just huge. I've washed them a couple of times to see if they would shrink but not much luck. I learned a lot from this pair and hopefully the next pair will be wearable.


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They look great though! I did some hiking socks and although they fit pretty perfectly, they do look HUGE!! I wonder if hand knit socks just tend to be larger and fit the foot just so as opposed to machine knit socks that stretch a lot to fit the foot. Perhaps you should actually send them to Shaq!


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Nice job. I just finished a chemo cap and didn't check my gage before knitting it. I tried it on and it covers my whole head down to my chin!



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They do look good. Did you use a "superwash" yarn? I don't know if they will shrink or felt. You can always use them for avant guarde Chistmas stockings (they'll hold a lot of loot).

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Yes, it's super wash and it doesn't shrink a bit not even in a hot dryer.

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OOOOOOOO. a superwash that is washer-dryer proof? Me want! What is the yarn? (Unless it's like totally acrylic, then me don't want....)

Sometimes I think just getting a proper gauge is not the whole trick either. Especially when you are making a particular garment the first time. We get so involved with the stiches, the decreases and increases that we don't look at the obvious--which is the garment in our hands/laps. I too have an oversized chulla hat, perfectly knit yet HUGE beyond belief and I wonder to myself "how the hell did I ever think that monster was going to fit"?!? Same with my first raglan sweater with chimpanze-scaled sleeves. We learn by making mistakes. But eventually we all get things right, so everyone just keep at it and have fun.
P.S. Just yesterday I saw someone at work who I noticed always wears caps. I thought his head was big and sure enough I "gifted" him with the monster cap and it looks great! :)

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what you COULD do if you aren't going to use them is socks, is shape them on a sewing machine (taking out the heel shaping) steek and attach a thumb, turn down the cuff and have a totally groovy pair of mittens.

When life gives you lemons (monster socks) make lemonade (mittens).

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OK, DON'T LAUGH...but one time, I had some handknit monster wool socks that I brought with me on a camping trip. I thought I could sleep in them to keep my feet warm in my inadequate sleeping bag, but it turns out that my recently shaved head was the problem, not my feet... I ended up taking one of the socks and stretching it over my head as a stocking cap. It worked perfectly the entire trip.

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I can relate to what Matthew(weeniezoom) says, some years a go I had a Fair Isle sweater almost finished before I realised it was far too small for me.
As for socks, I tend to use a percentage system unless I am following a pattern. The size of the sock goes up in 4 stitch increments starting with 60 stitches for a smallish sock. The heel flap is knit on 50% of the total, the instep pick-up is 25% of the total, and the instep decreases back to the number of stitches I started with for the foot. Probably as clear as mud, but it works for me

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Hi were they a top down or bottom up pattern? I make socks a lot (good for Christmas presents - and always when someone asks for something hand made). I have found that toe up is the best way to check your sizing as you can slip the sock on as you make it. You can also create really well fitted feet if you add an inch or so of ribbing around the instep of the sock this will really hug your foot and make it feel really snug. Don't be put off - Socks are the greatest as once you have mastered it you can take them anywhere as they are so small and if you are just doing plain socks you don't need to cart the pattern around either.

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They were top down but I can see how bottom up would make a lot more sense. Where can I find such a pattern? By the way, one pair (and not even a pair I can wear) has addicted me to sock making. I already have the yarn for three more pairs lined up.

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aha! you are addicted to sock yarn, the socks are just a by-product.

several people reccomend Silver's tutrorials here

Then there is the Universal Toe-up Sock Pattern from Knitty.
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