Aran Pattern

I have read the book, "Knitting without tears,' and 'Knitting workshop,'" and now feel inspired to try my hand at making my own rather than working with a given pattern. That being said I have searched through Walker's first volume of pattern designs and have found two that I think work well together: the twisted tree of life, and trellis with moss stitch, the twisted tree would border the other. I went through the book, and perhaps someone who has knitted in the round could advise me, but I was sifting through the ones that started on the wrong is my understanding that when working in the round one doesn't work on the wrong side so how would one work a design that started on the wrong side?
What do you guys think?


Don't listen to me cause I do not know much....but if you are making a blanket or something, I always go on a right and wrong side. I just "twist" the needle the other way and start again. But I might be missing something.

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If working from a chart just read the chart from right to left every row.
If the pattern is line by line then you'll have to convert every ws row to the oppositte and backwards. For instance if it says to P3 K4 P3 on the ws, then when working in the round the wrong side row would read K3 P4 K3.


PS...if that is what you have done already...I like it.