I knitted!

I knitted and purled, actually, and knit two together, and yarned over (yarn overed?), and bound off. I need to learn how to cast on still, because every time I tried, the knitting that came after it was sloppy and awful. What I did this time was just knit one stitch over and over, making a long string, and slowly added stitches until I felt the whatever-it-is was wide enough. So, basically, I cheated.

After a while, my stockinette started to look pretty good and even, but I think I'm doing something wrong at the end (or beginning, or both) of rows, because the edges are ugly, and the whole thing curls massively.

Advice on casting on, and what's supposed to happen at the end of rows?

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Nope sounds like you are doing it right. Stockinette will always curl, no way around that. Which is why you need ribbing or garter stitch or some other type of edge stitch. Slipping the first stitch will give you a nicer edge, but it will still curl. If you want to knit a flat piece, say for a scarf, you need to do something that will lie flat (garter, rib, seed and so forth).

Actually what you did was a knit on cast on. So it was a real cast on, not a cheat. But there are other ways that you can learn that will give you a cast on edge you like.

Keep at it. The only way to become a better knitter is to knit.

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I asked one of my friends who knits this question, too, and she said pretty much the same thing: that stockinette always curls and I should do the first and last couple stitches of each row with a garter or seed stitch. I'm going to give it a shot tomorrow.

Tonight I kept trying to do a decent cast on, and eventually did something I'm pretty pleased with. It's nice and square and I didn't screw up the next couple rows.

All in all it's been a big day, knitting-wise. All my practicing came together today, and I feel like I'm officially a knitter now. I'm going to keep practicing for a day or two, and then start on a real project. I'm stoked!

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Sounds great, keep at it and let us know how you're doing. Another great online resource is They have vids demonstrating every technique from simple to advanced. Always helpful when you're stumped by your knitting.

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Sounds like you are off to a good start. Remember, it's just two sticks and some string- what could go wrong? (sure)

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Congratulations! I remember when I had that very moment. I also had a problem with executing a neat cast-on and I received a lot of advice right here on Men Who Knit, here's a link to the thread Two things that especially helped me were Yarnguy's suggestion of using your needle plus a small gauge needle together to cast on (you can cast on tightly and evenly, then when the small extra needle is removed it doesn't make the edge impossible to knit into) and the practice makes perfect approach doesn't hurt either. There are good videos of different cast-on methods (and much much more valuable information) at the very highly recommended Happy knitting!