the Himalyan Tote - a never again project

Well here it is. I' m so happy it's done, recycled silk is horrible to work with. It's dirty, overly twisted, breaks in the middle of a stitch and is impossiple to keep even tension with. None the less I finished it, at least the knitting part - I still have to make the liner but that's no big deal. I learned a lot doing this even though the yarn was a pain. I love the mitering and I-cords are way cool.


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Wow! Very colorful. You did a great job on it. Did you recycle the silk?



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No, it's from Nepal where the women sweep the floors at the silk mills and take the clippings home to their husbands who spin it. So you never know what color will pop up next.

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Well, that would explain why it was dirty...

Sounds like a YSP, to me. ;-) The colors are stunning!

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But its so preeeetttttttttyyyyyyyy!!!!! :-) Actually I had heard those criticisms of recycled sari silk before. I have never used it. I am always tempted because of the beautiful colours, but given your experience I think I will hold off for a while longer. But it certainly is beautiful in spite of the pain you had in working with it. Good job!


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Thanks, I love all those jewel tones and even though it was hard to deal with you couldn't fine the mistakes in it if you tried - its a very forgiving yarn. Evidnetly the quality varies a great deal from supplier to supplier. Mine was probably middle range but one of the ladies at the lys said she found a cigarette butt and a toe nail in hers. Yuck!
I'm thinking I better wash it before I put the liner in - I guess gentle cycle, warm water - tumble dry?

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Whew....I'm glad you said something. I have been really close to buying some of that yarn.
Despite your challenges, your tote came out great.

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Hi Scott,

So, I've been thinking I'd LOVE to knit up some pillows for the sofa out of this stuff. What do you think? No?

I had a similar experience to yours knitting up a shawl for the grandmother out of some novelty eye lash yarn. It looked great - but!!! EEEEEEEEWWWWWW. Hard as hell to knit. Never again!

Jonathan in DC

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Think less, enjoy it more.

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I just can't recommend this stuff for anything - washing it did not give me good results. The biggest problem is that it tends to break in places even after it's been knit. And it's not soft - it's kind of like working with jute or sisal. Its also very "hairy".

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That's is one cool bag, it's quite bohemian and certainly worth the torture of working with the aforementioned yarn. I too have heard more than a few complaints about working with this fiber or similar fibers although the dirty part is news to me (cigarette butt and TOENAIL(!), yikes!). Nonetheless it is a great bag and yarn is beautiful.


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Wow! I love the colors. I agree it was worth the effort. Can you give me a quick tutorial on the mitreing? I attempted it once with poor results and think possibly I did not understand the technique.

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Really it's just a matter of placing markers where you want the coners to be and knitting until two stitches before each marker then ssk move marker and k2tog on every other row. Of course this is starting on the outside going in. This was a "U" shaped pattern but it could easily be adusted to square or rectangular as well.

Hope that helps.


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I bought two skeins of this stuff because I'm such a sucker for pretty colors. I haven't been able to find them in my stash anywhere, so that could be a good thing.

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I am making a lace shawl out of the Tibetan Himalayan Wool with Recycled Silk. I can relate to the problems you have been having. Lots of knots! (And it won't do a felted join because of the silk). The weight varies from a dk size to a cobweb... I am in fear it will break and am having to be very careful. It seems strong enough, though. Fortunately, mine does not seem to be dirty.

I, too, was suckered by the colors.

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LOL. Augusto, I find it very reasurring that your stash is so big and out of control that you can lose 2 skeins of yarn. I thought that only happened to me. Thank you for letting us know.