Spontaneous Urban Knitting

I've got a pullover hoodie with a front pocket that is the perfect size for storing a hat-in-process along with a ball of yarn. Whenever I had to wait, I'd just reach in and start adding to the hat. It made waiting for the bus so much more tolerable.

While on the bus, I finally got a seat and immediately pulled out the needles. Two older gentlemen came over and sat near me and asked, "Is that pretty easy once you get the hang of it?" and we proceeded to talk about knitting, the South, and San Francisco. I let them in on how cheap it is to knit your own hats, the many varieties of yarn available, and other interesting tidbits while the front of the bus stared at me knit.

I was taking the bus to Queer Knit Night. It was an enjoyable evening! I got to work on the hat and the gloves. I'm a bit worried about the glove... I made some mistakes early on that make it look a bit sloppy, so I might just rip it and start over. Ugh.


...talking about the South?  robert and I moved here from Georgia over nine years ago...it's always kind of packed on the bus when i try to knit...but when I knit on a plane, i always have people coming up asking about it...it really fascinates people sometimes!

...i've only made a couple hats so far, and over time the bottom has flared out a bit and gotten loose...someone told me to start off with needles a size smaller, for the first inch or so, and that will keep it from loosening...i've been meaning to try that...

...don't be too candid about how cheap it is to knit!  my most popular scarf this year is a one-ball faux-fur deal that takes 2 hours and costs like $10.50...women go crazy for it...not to mention the (male) drummer in one of my favorite bands...i prefer to keep the mystery and make everyone think it is difficult and expensive! ;-)