Shadow Calbe sweater

Hello folks!
I have finally finished the Shadow Cable sweater from the Patons "Weekend retreat" pattern book. I think it came out well except for the fact that the sleeves came out a little long. I'll just have to fold them as I wear it. Surely something I can't wear under a coat. The sweater is pretty loose especially the sleeves. I just don't ever want to seam another sweater again! My next possible project is going to be an EZ hybrid. No seams to sew!


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Beautiful! Nice work. I'm working on a vest that I modified to be knit in the round so I can avoid the seaming!

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WOW! You did an amazing job. The pattern is really striking. Great color choice too!

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That is beautiful. The color and texture are are great. I can imagine seaming could be a pain (haven't gone there yet), I don't even like weaving in ends.


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Beautiful sweater, the pattern and color is perfect.



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I don't find seaming that difficult ... Maybe tedious. Maybe I was just lucky and had a good teacher that taught me to seam. Seaming kind of reminds me of doing the sewing cards (pictures with holes that one "stitched" with yarn) we had as children.

Your sweater looks great and I, too, like the color.

I am so glad you finished this. I love the pattern and the colour is just wonderful.

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That is a beautiful jumper! I really like the colour and the pattern. I don't have access to the book; what is the stitch you used? I gave up seams a while ago and have never looked back. Thanks for sharing this great garment! Well done!

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Ditto all the previous comments! I also would like an explanation of the stitch if you will.

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I don't mind seaming so much...especially if I am doing someone else's gives me easy access if I want to tailor something. The downside of getting handy with machine tailoring knitwear: You then require that EVERYTHING fit PERFECTLY... I love the colour... very attractive. What was the yarn you used?

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Thanks for your comments everyone. I nearly abandoned this project but since my last post on it, I decided to finish it. I'm glad it's off the needles.

Sorry the picture isn't too clear. The yarn I used was good ole Patons Classic Wool in Burgundy. The stitch pattern can be found in most stitch dictionaries. In the Harmony Guide, it's called "Cable Fabric" basically a multiple of 6 stitches.

Row 1 - knit.
2nd and every alt. row - purl.
Row 3 - *k2, C4; rep from * to end.
Row 5 - knit.
Row 7 - *C4F, k2; rep from * to end.
Row 8 - purl.