Atlanta People. . .

Everyone okay? Knitch okay?

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The really nasty weather passed north and south of me, so I'm OK. We just had some wicked rain and lightning (the severe weather sirens did go off, so we were huddled in the basement for a bit, but nothing happened fortunately).

I didn't make it to Knitch yesterday, but where the tornado hit downtown was a bit south of their location, so they are probably OK. This morning (Mon.) there's nothing about it at their website, nor on their ravelry group, so I'm assuming they are all right.

Thanks for your concern.

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I was watching the weather on satellite - so knew my relatives and the friends I know of theirs were outside the worst bands of weather - but wasn't so sure of anyone else down that way. One of the disadvantages of the world getting smaller - "natural" disasters, etc were easier to take when:
a) you didn't hear about them until later
b: you didn't know as many people in other places.

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I was at Knitch yesterday and they escaped unscathed (as did I). I don't know of anyone in my Knitwork (did I just coin that word?) who was directly impacted. It was pretty awful damage in some parts of town.