Yarn review - New Lanark Aran and DK

British readers (and people who don't mind shipping their yarn around the world) could be interested in New Lanark yarns made in an historic mill in Scotland (see: www.newlanarkshop.co.uk/shop.php?view=page&page=43 [link opens in a new window]).

This stuff is a real man's yarn, which comes in DK and aran weights (US=sport weight and worsted) in 100% wool and a 90% wool / 10% silk blend. The yarn can feel a little scratchy while it's being knitted, but it softens really nicely after a garment is in use.

The majority of colours in natural wool shades, heathers, earth colours and blues. Handy shade cards have samples of the yarn in small knitted rectangles.

The amazing thing, though, is the price. You'd be hard pressed to buy a nasty synthetic yarn at a similar price.

* DK / 50g / 120m / 22st to 4" on 4mm needles at GB£1.00
* Aran /100g / 160m / 18st to 4" on 5mm needles at GB£1.80

The aran sweater on my Knit Picks Options is going well so far, but can't tell you how it looks once it's washed. Will report back later.


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Thanks for the tip- their yarns look very appealing, similar to our own yarn mill here in Maine, Bartlettyarns (spinning since 1821). I really like yarns spun in the old woolen way as opposed to some of the modern yarns which seem too over processed.

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Great, thanks for telling me about Bartlettyarns. I'm looking for a really rugged chunky-weight yarn and their Fisherman Bulky could fit the bill perfectly. And I hate to mention it, but with the current UK/US exchange rate, now would be a good time to consider ordering. Just a shame that my current 'stash' has just up-sized recently.

Albert, have you (or anyone else) used the Fisherman Bulky? How tough is it, and how resistant is it to felting?

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I have not used the fisherman's bulky, but as they mention in it's description that it is good for felting projects I would assume it is a felting-friendly yarn vs. felting resistant. I am currently using their sport weight.

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Thank you!
I was going to order Lion brand thick&chunky tomorrow morning...I just ordered pure wool for the same price! ...from Bartlett...and I'm an old Maine boy...LOL

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Ha! You can take the boy out of Maine, but.........

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the New Lanark yarns look wonderful...please let us know if they soften a bit with washing...I'm a bit hesitant about the "real man scratchiness"...(grin)

I received shades cards of this yarn today, and they certainly do not feel 'scratchy'. At that price I was expecting to find bits of ling and other debris still in it, but the knitted up sample pieces feel like good quality yarn. After posting this I will be on their website to order their wool/silk aran.

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Good to hear that you've seen a sample of this yarn and will have a use for it. I've finished the sweater which used the wool silk mix and while knitting it up I was really worried that it'd be uncomfortable and could feel my wrists itching slightly, but as a finished garment feels great, though I'd hesitate to knit it into a roll-neck. I've just ordered some natural DK weight to do a yoke sweater with a Nordic design. Do post your impression of the yarn once you've finished the chosen project.