no hope?

anyway ever make anything that is just so bad, it can't be saved. i have worked and reworked a cardigan that even aftetr all my tricks, it's just ugly and i think unwearable.


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I'm in the middle of that. I knitted a sweater last year (same pattern that had turned out well a year earlier for Matt) and this one (for myself) was just awful. So I frogged the whole thing and I'm in the process of reworking it with the Cobblestone pattern from Jared Flood.


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I figure there are so many projects out there that we will not have time to do all the ones we want so why waste time on something you don't like. If you or even the dog would not wear it, then it is a no go. Sometimes I give the dog knitted things I don't like and he takes them to his bed to sleep on. However, there have been disasters that even he rejects. Perhaps you can frog it and make a happier garment. Just make sure it is not the yarn that you don't like. Believe me, we have all been there. In the time you could spend making this one right and/or wearable, you could make a pullover, cardigan, and vest.

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Is there someone you really don't like but who does'nt get the message? Might make a nice gift.

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I've been lucky - there is usually someone who absoutely adores the items I can't stand. Like the pepto-bismal pink shawl I knit; which was banned from the common areas of the house because my sister couldn't stand being in the same room with it while I was working on it (this thing was beyond "pink" - it was 'pahnck') - but I put it in a charity auction and a couple of people immediately went gaga and started a bidding war.
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Most of my disasters I can salvage in some way...if it's a neck that's way too wide, or a button band that waffles because it's too long, or wings on a vest shoulder, I can fix most of those things.

I knit a two color sweater (deep red and deep blue) in a mosaic pattern stitch that I thought would be quite nice. The color contrast and the pattern stitch combined created a frenetic barber pole-like effect that caused instant headaches, nausea, grand-mal seizures and/or temporary blindness.

Since I had broken off lengths of the colors for the patterning, I considered the project hopeless and threw it out.

The world is a better place for it.

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thanks, that made me smile. i pictured crwods or wretching and grand mal seizures as you went throughout your day. i'm sure it wasn't quite that bad, but i appreciate the sentiment

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I must agree with Albert. If you don't have anyone in mind, might I suggest my step-monster. She's a real charmer.

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Ooooh - that's naughty!

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I've made some stuff that's so ugly it shouldn't be allowed to live.

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i've decided to put the damn thing out of its misery (or mine) this weekend after a brief ceremony (think amazing grace for music), it shall be "undone" (nicest way to put it) and perhaps one day, it will find a new life, better than this incarnation. after that, of course, the wake. yippee. (think, oh when the saints come marching in...)

we put birds on things