I miss BuduR

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I miss BuduR...any one know where she is???

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I was just thinking about her today and wondering the same thing.

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Yeah... what happened to her? Maybe she'll post something and let us know.


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I got a message from her back in Feb. that she was out of town taking care of her daughter who was in accident. But I don't know how reliable her net is there, but I'm sure she'll be back soon. I think she said her daughter was ok though.



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I was just thinking about her as well! I hope everything is alright.


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She *is* missed.
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I miss her as well. Hope she can come back soon. I tried contacting her through ravelry, but so far no reply.

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I agree, she is so much fun. I hope she is ok.



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I miss her too! Had som Ravelry contact with her, but that must be a few weeks ago.


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Awww I miss you guys too! As Superi said I am out of town taking care of my daughter, she was hit by a car. Allthough she's doing well she can't get around easily so I'm staying with her. She's in her last year of college and some of her professors are going out of thier way to help her pass thier classes, my days are filled with sitting in and recording lectures and turning in assignments for her. In between that I'm making sure she eats and gets what exorcise she can and taking her to doctor appointments. I'll try to pop in more often and make sure you're all not behaving yourselves.
Thank you PaganCub for sending me the link and reminding me I can't just neglect you boys!
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