So.. What ya doing?

Currently working on the Lotus Blossom Lace Shawl. I hope to get back working on the Son of ARAN again soon.

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I'm working on my first project, a scarf made with camouflage yarn that alternates between sections of garter and stockinette stiches. I'll start a blog and begin posting pictures of my progress. I'm ready to start something new, though! Perhaps a nightstand runner instead of a scarf...

What kind of yarn are you using on the shawl? The light makes a lot of difference in the color. Very nice!

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WOW! Those look really great! Especially the sweater. Once I get a little more advanced, I would love to try to do a cable knit sweater. Perhaps you could give me a little guidance as far as that goes. Keep up the good work!!

Well, I might as well show off my second major project, a baby blanket for a couple friends of ours.  The picture's a bit dated now, as I'm now probably a quarter complete, and it's a crappy picture, but you get the gist. :)

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I am making watch caps for the college knitting club to distribute to elementary school children, a cabled hat out of some old-school K-Mart itchy virgin wool, and a big baby blanket for a fetus destined to be born next month. The baby blanket is washable.


I'm working on a baby blanket from Vogue Baby Blankets 2. It's lots of different squares that will be sewn together. Some of them are quite complicated so I'm practiceng & learning new skills. It's for the baby of a friend.
I'm also knitting a camisole for a friend back in England fromLast Minute Knitted Gifts.
I just finished my first felted project a bag which I'm really proud of & it took just a week from start to finish!

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Because i teach knitting, i tend to have a lot of different projects at a time. Many of them i started to demonstrate particular techniques to my students, and then i usually have a few of my own. I just finished the knitting part of a purse, and now i need to felt it and assemble it. I have a pair of socks... each frozen at a different point to demonstrate to the next class... one beginning the heel flap and one at turning the heel. I have several scarves to show the possibilities to my beginning knitters, an elaborate Aran cardigan and matching skirt (Vogue pattern), and an all but finished felted knapsack in Lopi that is waiting on a yarn order because i ran out of enough for the strap, and also i will soon begin a cashmere blend cable sweater for myself with a zipper, and a reversable hat for a really cute guy i like who asked me to knit something for him.

Do you think i'm knitting enough? LOL.

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I'm working on a stole sized Montego Bay scarf. BrooklynTweed Noro scarf and starting the Knitty Aeolian Shawl. (2000+ beads) The last one might take me a year+ to finish.

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i am finishing up a charity blanket for linus project adn starting on a second one, just handed in my jason pieces fro the quilt, have a sweater to frog, and i'm sure there is something else i should be working on....oh yeah, work.

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Trying to finish yard work before taking off on a knitting cruise - for which I still need to decide what project*(s) to take. And Where the HELL did I put that pair os kilt socks...?

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I love cruising, but have never heard of a knitting cruise. Which line is doing that?

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It's seasocks '09-east. We'll be heading out of Baltimore on the 'Granduer of the Seas'.

It's done through an agent, not the line itself.


Though I've heard of some other ones.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Have fun, Royal Caribbean does a good job with service and food and all that jazz, so you'll probably have a great time. Tell us about it when you're back!

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Painting our apartment - ceilings, crown moldings, walls. It's about 110 square meters. Two coats on everything. At the rate I'm going, I'll have it done in a couple of weeks. Painting an empty apartment is sooooo much easier. Also cleaning as I go. Have managed to finish the knitting on the African Adventure bag and it's ready to felt.

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I'm working on the African Adventure blanket. I'm planning on taking all summer on it. It's a fun project. I recently finished 'Moderne Baby Blanket' for some friends of mine and I enjoyed log cabin knitting so much that I'd like to make a larger log cabin style blanket for myself.

Oh! And next week I start a 10-week spinning class where I'll learn drop spindle with different fibers, and dyeing.