Weekly topic #8

Do you knit for the current season or for the season ahead?


Always for the season ahead simply because the winter patterns only come out in season and it takes me all year to knock out the sweaters.  Likewise, I'm not keen on knitting in the summer when it's warm.  I always associate knitting with cold cosy weather.

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I knit whatever I feel like knitting regardless of the season.  When traveling for long distances, I knit socks because they are smaller, require less wool to bring along and the pattern doesn't require lots of concentration.  I knit jerseys during the summer so that I have them to wear in the autumn and winter.

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Same here. I usually go by inspiration rather than season.  But, I tell you, it's bitten me on the rear-end sometimes when I've had some hot hot yarn on my lap in the middle of summer! Smile

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Maybe it's the climate or the swedish mentality but my knitting always is about warm fibers, high polonecks, layers of different sweaters, scarfs, mittens and hats. I knit sweaters in the winter and summer and you can't tell wich is wich.

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What about just  knitting for its own sake?

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Absolutely, it was just a thought provoking question. No definite answer. Each to their own. 

Knit away, knit away

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Good topic. My knitting is not at all seasonally focused, not that we have all that much seasonal change here in Sacramento, CA. Instead, my knitting tends to be periodic: a period of knitting lots of this followed by another period of knitting lots of that -- and so forth. At the beginning, all I was interested in knitting were Aran sweater samples -- for example, a little rectangle of, say, a double cable. Then came sweaters. Then sox. Then thongs for men (gulp!) Now it's way-too-complicated scarves (or whatever the plural of scarf is.) God help me if the next plateau is pastels favored by blue-haired LOL (little old ladies.) Ciao, y'all. Jerry

Jerry in Sacramento CA

Anybody for a MenWhoKnit "club" here?

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I go more with what project I am interested in and where I am going.  By that I mean I have smaller projects for travel knitting, such as socks and gloves and hats.  Last year I was on a sock roll for a few months knocking out 8 pairs.  This year I have already made a few scarves and a baby blanket.  And always have a sweater in a state of progress that usually become to big and cumbersome to cart around so it becomes at home knitting.  And I do knit all year round, although I do take a day off each week to give my arms and wrists a rest.  Great topic.  Shows how individual we all are.

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The biggest seasonal thing that affects my knitting is the humidity in the summer.  With humidity, wool sticks to my fingers, and doesn't feed easily through my hand.  Only the bedroom has an air conditioner, so unless I'm sitting in there, the summer is all about knitting in light-weight, non-wool yarns. 

I like the idea that several people have suggested, of having a big project going on at home and a smaller one for the road.   

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Considering my tendency to procrastinate (and I would do so more if I ever got around to it), I tend to knit for the next decade.  Also, I end up with 3 or 4 projects going at the same time, so the projects end when they end, regardless of season.