"Cute with Chris" Toque

I know I'm not the only one on here who is a fan of the Cute with Chris internet show and website. I started

this Fair Isle toque over a year ago after working out a chart for the ASCII bunny motif from the website. It languished half finished until a few weeks ago, when I picked it up and worked through most of the rest of it. I set it aside for a few more weeks and just finished it up tonight.

032508Toque 002


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Wow, that's really beautiful! Great color choices and the patterns are very interesting. The wearer is sure to get lots of postitive attention!

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Beautiful- you have great color sense, I'm envious!

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That's pretty awesome! Have you sent him a pic of it? You know he'll put it on the website!

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I did indeed. Even offered to send it to him, though if he doesn't take me up on that, I'm sure I'll find a taker.

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Love it.



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Holy Cow... How did I miss this post? Awesome! The colors are great and the design is sharp -- beautiful job!

Grace and Peace,

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I got to see it this past Monday...it's even nicer in reality....LOL