I love to listen to podcasts while I knit and was wondering if anyone else does and what they are listening to?

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My favorite is News From Lake Wobegon :-)

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I tend to listen to the radio - usually "BBC Radio 4", which is our premier spoken word and news channel, and one of our national institutions. I imagine there are people knitting to Radio 4 up and down the nation, including some of our fellow male knitters.

I knit to Radio 4 and I live in Spain.

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i like music without lyrics, especially if it's an intricate pattern. otherwise i lose count. if it's easy, i often watch tv at the same time

we put birds on things

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My list in no particular order:

Sticks and String (the accent is my favorite)
Lime & Violet (although less so since Lime is AWOL)
Cast On
It's A Purl Man
Stash and Burn
Ready Set Knit (podcast of the WEBS Radio Show... can I gloat because WEBS is a 40-min drive from my house? Yes? OK, I'm gloating)
NPR: Wait Wait and This American Life
Savage Love (OK, I'm durty)
Gay Talk (ditto)
Escape Pod (and I'm a SF geek)

All of these are on iTunes (not that I'm an Apple Fanboy - just in case anyone wanted to find 'em)

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I am a huge fan of lesbian folk music... Chris Williamson "The Changer & The Changed" is my all time favorite classic album though I also love the duo album she has with Holly Near! I love to knit to her voice. She is sweet, soothing, powerful and soulful! I had the opportunity to meet her a few years ago on my birthday at a local concert and I gushed and cried and was totally overwhelmed! Her music has played such a big part in some pivitol events of my life. Fortunately, she was very gracious at having a 6'04" 300 pound man sobbing like a star-struck kid during a predominately female event!