For my sins, I've offered to knit a pair of socks for the BIL of a friend. The measurements I have been given, and I quote
"Davo's delicate measurements. Length of foot - length of an A4 page. Instep - length of an A4 page. Lower leg circumfrence - A4 page + 1 and 3/4 inches! I tried to convert to centimeters but I thought it might be better to leave such calculations to the knitter in residence!"

The only pattern I can find for an XL sock casts on 88 stitches which seems huge as I normally cast on 64 for my own small foot and 68 for my partner.

I'm sure some of you men have experience at knitting larger socks or can point me to a site where I can find out. I am knitting with elann's Baby Silk (Davo has a wool allergy) and 2.25mm dpns.


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I use this pattern/formula which is based on foot measurement and gauge you get with the yarn you're using.

You can add any pattern embellishments you'd like to the basic formula.

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if nothing else, you can use that formula to determine if the # of cast on stitches in the pattern you found are reasonable.

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The best bet is to ask for his foot circumference and his shoe size. With the shoe size his foot should be that many inches in length which will help you to know how long to make the sock, and the circumference how wide. I don't even know what an A4 page is. An inch is approx 2.5 cm if that helps.



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I use the Yankee Sock pattern as my guide for knitting socks. It is by Yankee Knitter Designs by Melinda Goodfellow. Pattern # 29. It gives the guidelines for fingering, sport and worsted weights. It is a leaflet which makes it very easy to carry around.

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The greatest book I've ever seen it "The knitter handy book of Patterns" by Ann Budd. Gives patterns and designs in multiple sizes and gauges for socks, gloves, sweaters, mittens, hats, and many more. Highly recommended. Oh, and they're all in metric and english measurements. Good luck!

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Thanks guys.