Dog Collar from BHG "Knit It" Spring/Summer 2006 Issue

This is the Fluffy Collar as modeled by Sadie, our 9 year old Italian Greyhound foster.  Doesn't she look fabulous?  This is my first attempt at knitting with two strands of yarn, and my first attempt at knitting with a novelty yarn.  I used Lion Brand Micro-spun sport in black, and Lion Brand Fun Fur in Purple on size 10.5 bamboo DPN's.  I've got two other female dogs in the house who are also getting this collar, and two males who will get the Supersoft Collar from the same issue, done up in the sage Lion Suede. 

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Um, the pic's not loading. Methinks it needs to be uploaded as an attachment or linked from an online site.

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Thanks.  Try it now.

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I updated the link in the original post to get Sadie to show up on the home page. She *does* look fabulous and deserves her moment of fame!

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However did you get that cute pose with her tongue hanging out the side?  What a cute dog!  And, nice collar, too!

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Darrel, you are such a doll.


Knit away, knit away

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Thanks everyone (especially Darrel).  I knew my knitting would end up "going to the dogs".  Everything else in my life has, including most of my sewing projects.  However, it is fun to have such willing models (mostly).  Sadie is an absolute peach.  She's not the prettiest dog in the world, but her personality more than makes up for it. She had quite a number of bad teeth pulled when she came into foster care, so now there's nothing holding her tongue in her mouth.  It hangs out like that all the time. 

THe Lion Suede yarm looks and feels nice when it's finished, but I'm finding it tougher to work with because of it's texture.  It's not that it doesn't slide off the needles but more because it doesn't slide along it'self very well.  Still, the collars are small enough that they work up pretty quick anyway.

So, now that a dozen different people want collars (Sadie really IS a good model), I have to start stocking up!!!


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Oh my gosh! That picture is just darling! It made me chuckle, and she does look faboo!  Laughing

Hello. Just looking through blogs and posts. Man I love the picture of the dog. You sure do knit a lot. I mean loads. You should be proud.

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