sock gusset, dpn problem

I'm having a problem with stitches falling of the back of my DPNs while I'm working the gusset section on socks - when you have all those extra stitches on needles 1 and 4. Is there some easy way to prevent that? I'm using #2 needles and picking up those little stitches is really difficult and to make matters worse the pair I'm working on now is black. My eyes are about to bug out of my head.



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little pieces of styrofoam or cork - shove 'em onto the ends of your needles.

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I keep and use the synthetic corks that come in all bottles of wine I drink....Those that don't have bottlecaps...effing Thunderbird...(hic)

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Thanks Mario.

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I use Mario's idea, I've also put the non-gusset stitches on a circular needle until I am ready to start the foot.

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I didn't ask the question but what great answers. I must be a tight knitter because my stitches don't fall off and I use steel needles. However, they get in the way and I am going to use Kerry's idea of putting the waiting stitches on a circular while knitting the heel. Scottly, I have been knitting socks since I was about 8 and isn't it wonderful to learn something new. And sock knitting is, as you say, a mathematical task.

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Little rubber point protectors work fine for me on the back needle. I tend to drop the knitting anywhere and frequently stuff it in a pocket a a bag when travelling. Picking up "fallen" stiches is not my idea of a good time. The smaller size point protectors will work well on small dpns